Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a reminder

I do free personalized and anonymous advice responses for those in dire straits, up a creek and in a whirlwind of confusion.

If you are in a pickle, feel free to write to me at frommyorbit(at)gmail.com. All replies will keep your identity anonymous, just in case you didn't see that up there.

My motto: Make it someone else's problem.


  1. I like your motto...make it someone else's problem!

    I'll be watching for how creative you get within this thought.

    I have taught my sister that she is not everyone's only option to whatever they feel is needed...that if she removes herself as an option people will find other resources. Their drama became her drama then she shared it with me...not good as I too tire quickly of stupidity. Humans are very keen on getting what they want, move yourself out of their line of fire and they take a different route. Sure frees up a lot of time when you figure out how to move out of their way.

    Happy trails...

  2. Oh, how rude of me...I forgot!

    Happy Halloween!
    Candy for Everyone!