Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From My WHAT?

Yeah, I'm doing this. The Fraypocolypse purge forced me. Well, not really since I don't cuss so much. It's a choice.


  1. I am soooo glad to have found all of you!! (Thanks Messy)


  2. May I simply say how tormented (well, maybe a bit less than tormented)I have been by searching for everyone over the past two weeks and finding out it was some nitwit by the name of Jeremy who was evidently hitting his Delete button as a form of control!

    I did find someone's name for him to be quite precise...Tiny Tyrant or Moderatus Powertrippus to be right on the money! May I also add...dipshit?

    I believe this little tyrant had been doing a variety of controlling behaviors over the past months as well. Imagine, I had been for months trying to join the membership on the Fray to no avail, now I can see this little dipshit with his new found power controlling things since no one at Slate seems to be monitoring him.

    What exactly did everyone write to set him off? Could it have really been anything mind blowing? I think not. Do we think Prudie herself could someday soon find Jeremy lurking behind her door at the ready to reprimand her? Yes!

    OK, I'm done ranting about this fool...for now.

  3. OH. My. Gosh! How awesome would it be to see Prudie vs. Jeremy?!?!? I want the payperview rights!

  4. I don't know that I got edited, either. But, to me, if editing was occurring, I was going to leave on principle, whether it was happening to me or not. I wouldn't have felt right saying, "Well, I'll join you guys if they edit me, but, if not, well, see ya!" :-) So, I'm glad that we're all here. Spread the word, everybody!