Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LOLcat I forgotted

Dir Proody,

For Catsmas, I raps mah presents in tricky wais. Now I haz created the ultimate rapping: A metal box soddered shut. Inside iz catnip. For mai motherinlawcat to be. She hatez me. Mai girlfren sai: "I no think this a gud idea, espeshully becuz she hatez u." But I think this ultimate hilaritee. Whut sai u?

Heh heh heh

Dir Heh,

Look, u obveeussly hatez her, too, so wai u not kill her? For that matter, wai she not kill u by nao?


  1. She gunna be showin him teh pointy enz aifinkso!

  2. I'm beginning to get the language .. that metal box full of catnip is too funny!