Thursday, March 11, 2010

From My LOLcats

From here, of course -- Spacey

Dir Proody,

I iz very relijuss cat. So iz mai wifeycat. Mebbeh. She come back from doctor with an sexchually transmittend diseez after yeers of no nuthin. We iz both virginz when we marry. She be seein' a tomcat, rait? We gotz a kitteh and I am not beeleevin' this.

I declayr jihad on her?

Dir Jihad,

Okay buddeh, lissen up. Iz possible you gives her this cat papilloma virus if u are a "teknikal virgin." Iz possible she get it frum another tomcat. So r u virgin-virgin when u marry or a teknikal virgin? Also, whut u want to be owtcome? Becuz if u haz good laif, and if she not hiding nothing, go with it. If u hayt her, deevorce.

R U sereeuss jihad cat or r u phonee letter for the pro-HPV vackseen peepul?

Dir Proody,

I haz a gurlfrend! I luvs her! I wants to marry her! But she wants big sparkly rinestone collar and I iz a poor, young gradjuate student! And becuz I so smart, I haz intelleckchual reezuns for not wanting to get her sparkle collar aniwai. She iz so sooperfishul I shud brayk up wif her, right? (Please sai no, but that I no haz to get her anything unless she gets me sumfing!)

Young and in LUV

Dir Young,

Le sigh. Wai teh kittehs feel entitled to matereeal things they cannot afford iz beeyond me. Furst thing, stop trying to be smart and progressive. U sound laik Andrea Dworkin from the past, but not so smart. That is, eeven u no be beleevin ur arguments. The second thing is, sum kittehs need this rite of passage. That just hao it iz. And if ur gurlfrend iz wun of those kittehs, that hoo she iz. The thurd thing iz, no, u shuld not go into debt for a collar.

Here whut u do: Ask her if she want to not just marry u but maik life with u, with all that entayls. Kittehs, boxes to hide in, squeeky mice, etc. If anser is yes, then u r gud. Then u sai, "Okay. But nao here is teh thing. Monee, I no haz it. I get u a collar today, it not be sooper sparkley. But it not put me in teh debt. And that mean it not put u in teh debt, eether. And when we iz older, and we iz more sucksessful, and we iz having moar monee, then we get u nicer collar, while everything in our lives get nicer. Later, u get ur sparkels. Today, u get me."

That so romantic I mayde myself cry. I wud totally marry myself.

Dir Proody,

I iz lawyercat. I want to be doctor cat. Nobuddy think I cud do it until mah hubbicat came along. Whut I do nao?

Wants to go from arguing about being right to just being accepted as right and Godlike

Dir doctor trapped in lawyer's career,

If u hayt whut u do, change it. And mebbeh u not be all the wai a doctor, but a physician's assistant or something. I mean, what is it u really want? To be doctor? To work in medisin? To have moar time with ur kitteh?

Many opshuns, u haz them. Konsider them wiselee.

Dir Proody,

Oscat partee, I haz wun each year! But I keep winning the pool, which I charge an extorshunate amownt of monee to partisipate in. It so embarrassing! But it so fun to be sooperior to mah friends! Whut I do?

Movees, I kno them

Dir Movees,

If u don't mayk this fun and free for ur friends, they will not only stop coming to ur movee partee, they will stop being ur friends.

I alreddy kinda haytes u.

Proody owt.


  1. Proodycat,
    U lyte up my lyfe. I iz ladiecat too, but I wud axcept yur purrposal too. U iz tru romantik.

    This lolcat speak, who cud no it waz so esspressif! Mai hubbicat and me, we talk this way for YEERS for our petz, then, on the internets, ther it iz in print.
    Best. Advice. Collem. Evr.

  2. "That so romantic I mayde myself cry. I wud totally marry myself."

    I literally almost fell out of my chair!! Awesome job!